Amaryllis… you’ve made my day

Last fall my husband brought me home a beautiful flowering amaryllis.  It had long pointed leaves and gorgeous red trumpet flowers.  The thing was almost 3 feet tall and I couldn’t believe it was coming from a bulb in this flimsy little pot from the grocery store.  It wasn’t even staked… why didn’t it just fall over?!

I loved my amaryllis and it loved me back.  It flowered for me through Christmas and I was very sad when the last petal dropped to the floor.  “Oh just stick in in the basement” said my sister-in-law Erin, “And bring it out next fall.  It’ll grow again.”  Oh sure.  Has she seen my other plants?  If there is one thing I don’t have, it’s a green thumb.  But I listened.  It’s worth a try, right?

Well this poor little bulb sat in my workroom all summer and when I dug it out to bring it upstairs last week it was covered in sawdust and cobwebs.  But I’m a believer.  So I watered it and put it in a sunny spot.

And not even a week later…

I’m so excited for it to grow and bloom  And it’s all thanks to my plant-whispering sister-in-law.  Thank you Erin!  I’m dedicating this amaryllis to you!


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