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Preparing for a craft show can be daunting, not only are you working your crafty little fingers to the bone but you also have to consider everything you need to bring along to make the big day go smoothly, and of course, you want your table to look it’s best! I highly recommend setting up your display at home so you can perfect your layout. I always do and it is very helpful as my display racks are always evolving and I don’t want to bring too much or too little for the allotted table size, plus that kind of thing is my idea of fun!┬áThis is my checklist for indoor craft shows, I have never done an outdoor show but I image there would be a few more things you would need.

for booth set up:

  • table cloth
  • banner and signage
  • tape (to secure signs)
  • safety pins (to pin my banner to the table cloth)
  • display items and racks
  • business cards & business card holder
  • merchandise

for processing sales:

  • money box and float
  • paper bags in various sizes
  • company stamp & ink pad to decorate paper bags
  • packaging tissue (I use vintage sewing patterns)
  • receipt book, the carbon copy type is handy for taking custom orders
  • a few pens
  • a small calculator
  • inventory list to track sales

just in case:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • lint roller
  • extra hang tags & price tags
  • a project to work on if things are slow

nice to haves:

  • great snacks
  • water
  • camera
  • a helper

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