Finished!: Confection Baby Shrug

I knit up this cute little shrug from start to finish in only 3 days of leisurely knitting (with many interruptions!) The pattern is well written and very easy to follow, I really enjoyed the top-down style. For me the biggest challenge was picking up the stitches evenly for the ribbing edge but I think it turned out pretty well.

I used a random cotton yarn I yoinked from the ferns stash, luckily the gauge turned out to be perfect so I went ahead and made the 6 month size. It’s still a bit big on Princess Hazelina across the back but she agreed to model it anyway:

You can find the free pattrn here: Confection Baby Shrug
The pattern is written by Tonya Wagner of The Shizknit (best name ever!)

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2 Responses to Finished!: Confection Baby Shrug

  1. Bonnie says:

    Really truly wish someone who says they knit this shrug and loved it would please make a how-to video. I have struggled with it and am just so angry I can’t figure it out. I finished it and it looks terrible. I have too many questions about it and just want someone to go step by step and help the rest of us that just don’t get it!!! My poor knit group was depending on me to help them finish also but it just doesn’t seem possible for me to confidently do that. We cherity knit and was in high hopes of having several for our baby baskets, what a shame! Nice that you understood the directions and it looks beautiful!! Thank you for putting the picture up on your site. Makes me feel ashamed I can’t turn out the same product!!

  2. the freckle says:

    sorry you are having trouble Bonnie, don’t give up!

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