Finished!: What’s in a name?

Well if you are my little nephew?  You’re talking about alligators, narwhals, giraffes, unicorns and seals!


When Angus was born I wanted to make something special for him to celebrate his birthday.  It had to be something small enough to send in the mail (he lives all the way in Boston!), but with enough detail in it that he’s sure to know just how much his aunt loves him.  And it would be nice if maybe it would be something he might hold onto for a while and maybe even treasure a bit when he got older – like maybe something that might make it to show & tell?!  (fingers crossed!)


Just a little while ago, the freckle made a beautiful hand-stitched name book from felts for a new little person and I just loved the idea.  And so… my animal brainstorming began.


A is for Alligator – A classic start to a classic tale.  Mr. Alligator greets the reader
with a big white smile, yellow ric rac and the perfect ‘scaly’ fabric.
A is for Alligator
N is for narwhal – This animal choice is perfect on more than one level.
First, it begins with ‘N’; and second, it is a unique Canadian animal, just like my little nephew.
N is for Narwhal
G is for Giraffe – Each fabric in this book is made up from scraps and left overs of past
projects.  Mr. Giraffe here was a summer skirt I made for a trip to Cancun with my Mom
and sisters in 2005;  his background is a roman blind commissioned by my old boss;
and his opposing pages?  From a pair of Christmas kitty slippers I made for
my Mom oh so many years ago.  <sigh.. the memories>
G is for Giraffe
U is for Unicorn – Okay so there was much debate whether or not the unicorn
was ‘animal’ enough to make his way into Gus’ name book but once I choose
the fabrics I ‘would’ use if he did make it in?  Well… there was no turning back.
Mr. Unicorn practically flew into the book.  No – I know he doesn’t have
wings.  Yes – unicorns can still fly.
U is for Unicorn
And last but not least..
S is for Seal – You will probably agree that a good ending is about as important
to a story as the story itself.  And so, to end this book with an unforgettable
treat:  fur!  Juxtaposed beside Mr. Seal’s vinyl body, it makes you want to flip to
the start and read this one over just to get to the end again.
S is for Seal
The book was a big hit with my nephew and his Mom has promised to name their next child something that has some fun letters.  Like p is for penguins?  or o is for octopus?
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