Free Pattern: Benjamin’s Favourite Sweater

The sweater pattern is only in ‘Benjamin’ size but you could adjust it to fit your own
furry little friend. There is a harness hole in the back so you can attach your leash
directly and a wide neck for comfort and ease of dressing. I started the design
centered and four rows after the leash hole. If you’re not a fan of fair isle
knitting, you can always embroider the design into the finished sweater.

And the pattern…

Benjamin’s Favourite Sweater
Design by Lisa Mortimer

SIZE: S Fits dogs weighing 7-16 lbs
GUAGE: 10 sts/16 rows = 2” in SS
Sport or worsted weight yarn
5mm needles (or size to obtain gauge)
4½mm circular or dp needles for ribbing


CO 60 sts with CC (with 5mm for loose ribbing or 4½mm for tighter ribbing)
Work K1 P1 ribbing for 2” ending with WS

Break CC
Row 1       With MC, K1 M1, K to last 2 sts, M1 K1
Row 2       Purl
Repeat these two rows 9 times (80 sts)

Next row  Knit
Next row  Purl

Row 1       K8, place 8 sts on holder, attach new yarn and K23, BO2 (for leash hole),
K23, place 8 sts on holder, attach new yarn K8
Row 2       Purl three sections separately, CO2 sts at leash hole in middle section (8-
48-8 sts)
Row 3-12 Continue in SS in each section separately for 10 rows ending with WS.
Row 13     Using same yarn to rejoin three sections, K8, CO8, K48, CO8, K8
Row 14-18 Cont in SS (5 rows) (80 sts)

Row 19     K8, sl1 K1 psso, K4, K2tog, K48, sl1 K1 psso, K4, K2tog, K8 (76sts)
Row 20     (and all even rows) purl
Row 21     K8, sl1 K1 psso, K2, K2tog, K48, sl1 K1 psso, K2, K2tog, K8
Row 23     K8, sl1 K1 psso, K2tog, K48, sl1 K1 psso, K2tog, K8
Row 25     K8, K2tog, K48, K2tog, K8 (66sts)
Row 27     K1, sl1 K1 psso, knit to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1
Row 29     BO 8 sts K to end
Row 30     BO 8 sts purlwise, P to end (48 sts)

Row 1       K1, sl1 K1 psso K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1
Row 2       purl
Repeat these two rows until 38 sts remain

Continue even in SS for 10 rows (or to desired length), ending with a WS

With CC, pick up & knit 23, 38 & 23 sts along belly edges & back of sweater
Continue in K1 P1 ribbing for three rows, ending with a WS
BO loosely

With dp needles and CC, pick up and knit 26 sts around each leg opening
Continue in K1 P1 ribbing until leg is desired length. BO loosely

Sew chest seam, reversing seam for collar if desired.

Copyright © 2006 by Lisa Mortimer.   Do not sell items made from this pattern without written permission from the designer.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I am trying to knit this dog sweater. I do not understand the leg opening section. On Row 2. Not sure what or how to purl three sections separately? Do you skip over the stitches on holders and con tiniest with the rest of the sweater?

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