Sweet Dreams Nap Mat

Written by guest blogger Carla, the fern’s sister.

When I sent my toddler off to daycare this past September, my daycare provider asked me to send along a yoga mat for nap time. Now, the rational side of my brain knows that sleeping on a ¼ inch mat for 2 hours a day certainly does not pose any real health risk to my little one. However, the emotional side of my brain cringes at the thought of her sleeping basically on the floor.

So I went on a hunt for a solution and found the Nap Mat. There were so many beautiful
designs and a variety of different patterns but I particularly liked one at sewlikemymom.com,
an awesome site full of amazing ideas. I altered the pattern slightly in a few spots and voila…a
comfy and fashionable place for my little one to get rejuvenated in the middle of the day.


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