Things I Heart: Vintage Pyrex

Somehow I have become mildly obsessed with vintage pyrex. I say mildly to make myself seem less crazy. Reality is I find myself googling images of pyrex porn more often than I should admit.  I daydream of yard sale scores and a special pantry just for all my pretty little friends (now just need the pyrex, ummm, and the pantry.)

It all started a few months ago when my one prized mixing bowl fell out of the cupboard and shattered into a million tiny blue shards. It belonged to my Great Grandmother, I called her Little Grandma. I remember her whipping up yummy coleslaw which she insisted on referring to as crap (Me: I love this salad stuff. Little grandma: it’s crap!)  Anyway, I don’t know if we ate crap out of this bowl but I like to pretend that we did. It was the Colonial Mist Pattern just like this one:

I was sad when it broke but I forgot about it until the next time I needed to use a mixing bowl, mixing just isn’t as fun in a plastic bowl. That’s when it hit me, I need to replace that broken bowl. But it’s not that simple, I need more, I need lots, basically I need a collection!


Here is an awesome Pattern Reference if you feel so inclined!

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