Tutorial: Invisible Seams, The Hidden Stitch

To close up a seam without showing any stitches you can use the hidden stitch, sometimes it is also called a ladder stitch. This is a really useful stitch to use when you are closing up stuffies, a turning hole or binding the edge of a quilt.

1. Thread your needle and tie a knot on the end (I’m using red thread in this tutorial just so it will show up better)

2. Insert the needle from the inside out and pull it through until the knot catches.

3. Insert your needle on the opposite side of the opening directly across from the knot and bring it back through about 1/8 of an inch over ON THE SAME SIDE.

4. Now do the same thing on the other side. keep repeating this on each side and It should look something like this:

5. As you pull the thread the seams will come together with all the stitches hidden.

6. Continue until the entire hole is closed up. When you reach the end of the hole tie off your last stitch. You are finished but don’t cut the thread here, you want to hide the thread so take your needle and poke it in beside your knot and bring it back out about 1 inch away.

8. Pull the thread taught and cut it off as close as you can, this way the ends will stay hidden inside.


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