UFOs and I don’t knows

I was digging through my yarn stash last night and found a collection of unfinished objects.

This small selection of UFOs is an excellent reminder of procrastination and the excitement of starting new projects.

and these are just the little bits and bobs I had forgotten about, my real UFOs are hidden in my craft pantry.

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2 Responses to UFOs and I don’t knows

  1. Kat says:

    I have tonnes of these, too, but they’re not as tidy and pretty as yours! I’m pretty sure mine are all tangled in a heap somewhere, buried in my knitting Tupperware. I think I’ll have to do the Big Purge this weekend so we don’t move home with all my scraps. So sad! I love them!

  2. the freckle says:

    ALL my yarn is tangled together, it’s a total disaster 🙁
    how did the big purge go??

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