Wendesday Night : Mending Night

Hello again!  I know I know, it’s been a while…  But I have a very good excuse – two actually!  A bright little girl and sweet little boy pretty much occupy 120% of my time and have since 2011.  Has it really been that long since I posted anything?  Eek!

I do lots of projects with my helpers but I must admit, I miss crafting for myself.  So tonight when bedtime went really well and I found my kitchen tidied at a decent hour I thought I would venture down to my makers room to see what kind of state it was in.  If I was EVER going to get into a project I would have to clear off a space to make a mess in!  I must have been very determined because not long after coming into my space I could see the bright gleam of my pine harvest table just begging for some creativity.  Now what?  I stand there, pondering, and as I gaze around my room my eyes fall on my mending pile.  A little project.  Quick.  Productive.  Perfect.

On the top of the pile I find a bright pink one piece pajama covered with minions.  This comfy garment should be worn!  Not stuck in a pile in my basement.  Let’s see what I can do with it.  It’s in great shape except for an unfortunate hole on the sleeve.  It looks like someone’s puppy might have been playing a bit too rough with one of the minions!  This will never do.  No one will wear this super soft pajama with a hole in the sleeve!  I can fix this.  I can make this better.


Step 1.  Locate the hole and trim the ‘unsaveable’ fleece.


Step 2.  Create a patch worthy of a fuchsia fleece pajama covered in minions.  I decided to go with a felt patch.  It’s super easy to work with and since neither fabric frays I won’t have to fuss with finishing raw edges meaning I can have some fun with the design!  Bring on the minions!

Step 3.  After perfecting the design *very important* I made sure that it would cover the hole with room to spare.  Then I set to work cutting out the parts from coloured felt scraps.  I skipped some of the black details since I was planning on sewing it on with black thread.

Step 4.  Stitch that minion!  Now don’t forget to put on your inner details at this point.  It’s alot easier to maneuver this little guy before he is attached to an awkward garment.


Step 5.  Now to patch the hole.  Because the hole was so far down the sleeve I opted to take the seams apart.  It was much easier to machine stitch on a flat surface than hand stitch it into a narrow sleeve.  And besides – then I get to break out my lovely serger to put the sleeve back together.  Once my minion was topstiched to my satisfaction, I flipped it over a hand stitched the inside of the hole to the patch, being careful that my stitches wouldn’t show through to the front of the minion.


Step 6.  Present repaired pjs to future wearer and hold breath for squeal of delight and impending hugs.

Done.  Well it was a night well spent!  I was creative, productive, and I made something better.  I can’t wait until my next craft night to see what it will bring.  Until then…

the fern

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